Certificate Course on Research Methodology

Certificate Course on Research Methodology



The objective of this course to pay attention to the most important dimension of Research i.e. Research Methodology. It will enable the Researchers to develop the most appropriate methodology for their Research Studies. The mission of the course is to impart research skills to the beginners and help improve the quality of Research by the existing researchers.

The Course Structure is designed in a way that the learning of Research Methodology can move from Mugging up syndrome to fun-practical method; from a teaching process to an experimental process, from memorizing to brainstorming, from clearing the examination to feedback learning, from knowledge transfer to knowledge creation, from competitive learning to collaborative learning.

The Participants of the Course will start the course by reading the provided literature at the end of the course they will find themselves equipped enough to author a book or two themselves.

This is a 6 Credits Course based on the Contact Hours and the Duration of Course. Two weeks of Study is eligible for 1 credit. If you pass this course, you will get 6 credits. Alexis Foundation follows American Credit System. However, it is the complete discretion of the Universities or Colleges to accept the Credits gained by this course.

This course is now available in all the major languages. Study Material can also be provided in your language.You can request for the same by sending us an email.

Key Learnings

  • Article Writing
  • Essay
  • Research Paper
  • Book Review
  • Laboratory Research
  • Marketing Research
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Thesis; Dissertation
  • Book
  • Citation Methods and Styles
  • Research Grant Proposals

Who can apply?

  • Students
  • Research Scholars
  • Teachers or Academicians
  • Lawyers
  • Public Administrators
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Public Servants
  • Journalists
  • Civil Society Leaders

Study Material

  • Books on Research Process and Research Methodology
  • Research Manuals
  • Reference Material
  • 4 Manuals on 4 Modules
  • Research Papers by Scholars
  • Exhaustive Recommended Readings
  • Sample Research Reports
  • Sample Questionnaires
  • Sample Thesis and Dissertation

Concept Note

​The study of research methodology gives the student the necessary training in gathering material and arranging or card-indexing them, participation in the field work when required, and also training in techniques for the collection of data appropriate to particular problems, in the use of statistics, questionnaires and controlled experimentation and in recording evidence, sorting it out and interpreting it. In fact, importance of knowing the methodology of research or how research is done stems from the following considerations:

  • For one who is preparing for a career of carrying out research, the importance of knowing research methodology and research techniques is necessary as the same constitute the tools of his trade. The knowledge of methodology provides good training specially to the new research worker and enables him to do better research. It helps him to develop disciplined thinking or a ‘bent of mind’ to observe the field objectively. Hence, those aspiring for career in research must develop the skill of using research techniques and must have thorough understanding of the logics behind them.
  • Knowledge of how to do research will inculcate the ability to evaluate and use research results with reasonable confidence. In other words, we can state that the knowledge of research methodology is helpful in various fields such as government or business administration, community development and social work where persons are increasingly called upon to evaluate and use research results for action.
  • When one knows how research is done, then one may have the satisfaction of acquiring a new intellectual tool which can mould the perspective of looking at the world. Accordingly, it enables use to make intelligent decisions concerning problems facing us in practical life at different points of time. Thus, the knowledge of research methodology provides tools to took at things in life objectively.
  • ​In this scientific age, all of us are in many ways consumers of research results and we can use them intelligently provided we are able to judge the adequacy of the methods by which they have been obtained. The knowledge of methodology helps the consumer of research results to evaluate them and enables him to take rational decisions.