Development Cells

The following National Development Cells have been proposed to be established in order to achieve the objectives of Model Governance Foundation and ten principles of UN Global Compact through focused research, engagement and intervention in the diverse fields of importance.

Agriculture Cell

Agriculture forms the backbone of Indian economy. The Agriculture Cell aims to conduct research, gather valuable data and organize developmental and training projects in order to facilitate the growth, management and to solve the pressing problems prevalent in the Indian agricultural field today. Field projects and interactions with agriculturists and farmers are ideal.

Governance Cell

Good Governance and public policy are an integral part of the Foundation’s objectives. The Governance Cell will be actively involved in key areas concerning governance and disseminating research papers. Collaborations with various government departments at any level are essential where the cell can act as a catalyst to the process of governance to bring about helpful changes.

Legal Cell

The Legal Cell is to be formed with the objective of working on legal issues which are of current and future importance. Advocacy on various issues and research are to be some of the aims of this Cell. The legal cell essentially hopes to create an impact in the field of law which is a key to the overall efficiency of our justice system.

Media Cell

Using the media to our advantage, the Media Cell is created to achieve maximum impact on people through skillful execution of media campaigns, projects and promotion of the objectives, aims and effort in several areas of Model Governance Foundation. We aim to maximize the outreach of the plethora of change making ideas that our foundation has, is and will be working on.

Information Technology Cell

The Information Technology Cell will be involved in the development of information technology and research in the current trends of this field. The Cell hopes to create quality based ideas and to work with relevant people to propagate the same.

Rural Development Cell

The Rural Development Cell will focus on the issues and trends in rural India and work on solving the problems faced by the rural sector. This could be achieved through awareness campaigns, projects and long term developmental plans to be executed and followed up by the Cell.

Culture Cell

The Culture Cell is to be formed with the aim to work in cultural development by promoting and executing useful ideas. Panning across the cultural diversities prevalent in India, the Cell must be involved in plans to conserve the variety of cultures.

Training Cell

The Training Cell will be focused on conducting training programs in a range of projects and ideas that the Foundation is working on which require such special training. The planning of method of training for different programs will be done by this Cell. This is in order to create a separate group of people who are focused solely on innovative training ideas.

Human Rights Cell

The Human Rights Cell is to be actively involved in the issues of Human Rights prevailing today. Collaborations with eminent human rights organizations and government departments to create awareness about the pressing human rights problems and to highlight current violations of human rights in order to sensitize the masses are some of the activities to be taken up by this Cell.

External Affairs Cell

Managing external affairs is an essential component of governance. The External Affairs Cell will work on researching and highlighting the problems and trends in management of external affairs in the Indian political scenario. Coming up with solution based research papers and awareness will be a part of the work of this Cell.

Water Cell

The Water Cell’s single minded goal is to solve and create awareness on the various issues related to water faced by our country. This includes the problems related to water policy, droughts, privatization of water, water pollution, water disputes etc. Coming up with critical research papers, making documentaries, holding awareness workshops are some of the activities proposed for this Cell.

Energy Cell

The Energy Cell will be working on issues of energy management and the various problems concerning the sources of energy used today, the future needs and solutions to the potential energy crisis. The Cell can bring out comprehensive papers on the scientific developments in this field which can be used to create awareness.

Education Cell

The Education Cell is to be focused on the functioning of the education system in India, its loopholes, diverse trends in literacy rates and the problems of implementing the principle of free and compulsory education for all children that was highlighted by the recent amendment to the Constitution but is still out of reach for a large number of children across the country. Incubating new ideas and plans for effectively creating and sustaining a system of “education for all” will be an important part of this Cell’s work.

Economics Cell

The Economics Cell will be involved in the variety of economic issues faced by our country today. It will function to help bring to the forefront the lesser discussed issues which are of general importance to the masses. All related activities like seminars, campaigns etc are to be taken up.

RTI Cell

The RTI Cell will be working on designing programs and workshops on awareness and effective use of the right to information and elaboration and deliberations on the RTI Act. This work is to be focused in the direction of mobilizing the masses to utilize this right available to us in an effective way.

Important Note

All candidates applying for posts in any of the above cells must have a background in that field.

For eg: Candidates applying for the Agriculture Cell must be studying or have studied a course related to agriculture like; agriculture engineering, organic agriculture, diploma in agricultural science etc. This is to ensure that we involve the best minds related to these fields.

Core values of dedication, enthusiasm and innovation is an essential quality we are looking for in the leaders of these Cells.

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